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Hampi – Letter by Letter

February 7, 2010

Hampi is a place that will forever hold my heart in captivity.  What I expected would be a brief stopover for a couple days turned out to be quite possibly the greatest 26 days of my life!  Also referred to as Vijayanagar, this magical paradise was once the epicentre of a powerful dynasty which ruled over all Southern India.  Surprisingly, it is now an often overlooked tourist destination.  Perhaps it was just that which allowed me to experience its marvels naturally and uninhibited.  From visiting ancient ruins to exploring the site of 5,000 year old cave paintings, I never had to purchase one ticket or wait in a single queue.  In this dreamlike destination, I was home.

I spent countless nights sleeping under the stars, with no tent and only the flat rock below as my mattress.  It felt as if this is how we were meant to sleep.  Never having ridden a motorcycle before, I spent my days broadening my radius and riding through lush green rice fields with the backdrop of  wonderful rock formations.  It was upon arriving at these isolated rocks that I first learned what my feet were really meant for.  Running full speed on instinct alone and jumping unbelievable distances from rock to rock, I felt like Mowgli in the Jungle Book.  Hampi became my playground and the people I met there, whether fellow travelers, locals or children were gems to my adventure.  There are too many to name, but I thank each of you!

Although I have written countless pages during my time in Hampi, for this entry I have decided to toy around with a different medium.  This is my first real stab at any sort of video editing, but I hope you enjoy the watch as much as I did living it!  Letter by letter, I’ve broken my adventure down as follows…

H istoric Sights – Cave Paintings, Temples, Natural Beauty,…

A nimals – Monkeys, dogs, cows, lizards, spiders,…

M obility – Motorcycle, bicycle, boats, feet…

P eople –  Children, Beautiful Locals, Tourists…

I ndulge – Explore, Fly, Play…

Much Credit Goes to each of these artists

Efdemin – Acid Bells

Thievery Corporation – Mandala


Engine-EarZ Experiment – Kaliyuga

Omnesia – Code Blue

Caspa – Cockney Violin

Reso – Smash Yer Face In

A.R. Rahman – Cyclist’s Ryhthm

Thank you for all the feedback!


Rotem Zooni Shachbar
wow what a great movie

Anu Ylikoski
Dear Prasheen, THANK YOU SO MUCH:)!! Really enjoyed experiencing your enjoyment. I am enjoying Pushkar at the moment and will let go my way, paint on a wall:) Lots of love and light to your day and to your way!

Namrata Sudhindra
I now know why you didnt want to leave P, nice!

Tania Gautam
I love this video Prasheen. I enjoyed every minute. It’s amazing how much you’ve seen. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Veronique Clauwaert
thank you so much, it gave me tears in my eyes. it’s so sad and so beautiful to feel that magic again, captured in a place far far away… i love this movie. keep shining man! x

Lea Wegmann
WOW WOW WOW….i was feeling so depressed this morning with minus13 degrees in germany, but this video gave me all my energy back really has the power to inspire..thank you so much prasheen!! the world needs more people like you !!!!

Radka Xoasxx
hey babe …..the video its just beautifull……wish to teleport myself……..enjoy the present momentttt…love take care ….

Misse WiiWii
Thank you for making this video. Brings a tear to my eye and lots of beautiful memories from Hampi and all of India. Absolutely wonderful ♥

Jimmy Keen
Great video Prasheen. You really captured the moment! Thanks.

Artee Suri
awesome video Prasheen..loved every minute of it! =)

Jaimal Soni
Hey buddy, I think I’m going to be on the next flight to India, and then the next train to Hampi :). Seriously dude, great video.

Hanisha Sharma
hey, scamp in the hamp;) .. wicked video…how did you edit this ?! you going back there now?

Sarika Chokshi
fabulous way to highlight your time there! love love love all of the audio you used. take care of yourself & all the best for the rest of your adventure. 🙂

Amir Shahi
P – fantastic! The soundtrack was amazing too. Good for you man .. looks like you’re truly letting go .. enjoy!

Roopa Lodhia

Ali Yildirim Alemdar
Nice video, like your choice of the Amadou & Miriam – Sabale remix 🙂

Reut Megori
i love it!!!

Alpesh Soni
Cool Wideo!!!

Palak Dave
Absolutely amazing video.

Kaveh Houshmand
good work my man….the monkeys were pretty cool…I could imagine your reaction to them.
I like the beginning a lot- the entrance…
Jumpster indeed. keep it up…

Bipin Lakhani
Awesome video Prasheen! Seems like you really captured what touched your heart in Hampi! Outstanding!

Veronique Clauwaert
yes a reunion! 🙂 what a wonderful idea..

Drithal Kala
Amazing …makes me want to go back to India…

Neil Jobanputra
….ur living the dream buddy!
enjoy the rest of your journey….

Natasha Patel
You truly are an amazing individual!

Julia Weber
HAMPI REUNION sometime, man, for sure!!
i hope you’re doin good whereever you are…
love from indonesia, julia xxx

Arpa JeeJee
EY MAN! I’m so greatful i met you, great man, great video, you really must have loved Hampi, me too, i just find an adjective to describe the emotion i got from this video, and the memories, definitely have we have to meet you again!!

Kausar Ashraf
This is great! you know i love the part with the monkeys.. i am soo happy you finally gave them the water!! 😀 hugs.

Anjli Vyas
Simply amazing. x

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  1. bina soni permalink
    June 8, 2011 10:04 am

    Awesum u take us on an adventure with your adventures!!!luv it

  2. shatu permalink
    July 27, 2012 6:17 am

    There is such a child like innocence in your entire video- it gave a sense that you were sharing your joy and awe, and not trying to impress anyone. Thank you

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